About Us

When you use pain to train, you're not just letting your dog down.

A bit about me, Allan

I got my first, my very own dog, around 40 years ago now. Then I was a typical, uneducated dog owner. I’ve always been interested in getting my dog well trained. Having Dobermann and not wanting to allow my dog to discredit the breed, I trained her to quite a high standard.
Her name was Jaeger, she was, a still to this day, one of the most amazing dogs anyone could have possibly owned. We went everywhere together, she was indeed my companion. Sadly, then, I used the most popular training techniques. Really all that I was exposed to, aversion or punishment based.
I’m pleased to say that I have crossed over from aversive techniques to much better, more permanent and enjoyable training, for both the dog, especially the dog and the dogs handler. Positive Reinforcement.

Don’t be mislead by people who don’t care, people who don’t know.
Call your potential trainers and ask questions. Stop your current trainer and ask questions. 
DON’T STOP asking questions of the people who are helping you train your dog. 

Get the help you need, get the help that your dog deserves.