What We Do? We Help Dogs Get the Best from their Owners

From Puppy house training to crate training and loose lead walking. Reactivity towards both Humans and others Dogs.
We have the experience to help you deal with just about anything to do with your dog.


We don't stop behaviour we change it!

Loose lead walking

Probably one of the biggest issues people contact us about. They’re often amazed by the fast and permanent results achieved in a very short time. Without choke collars, slip leads (just a posh name for a choker), prong collars. We’ll happily show you just how well your dog can walk with just a harness, not a no-pull harness we all know they don’t work.

House Training

House Training a dog that you’ve rescued or a new puppy can be hard or simple, it’s up to you the Hooman. Most dogs will get it right in a very short time, especially puppies. Having adopted 7 rescue Dobermann and fostering over 16 Dobermann and 1 Beagle through our home, you can believe it when we say, “We know what it’s like”. 

Dog and/or Human Reactive Dogs

That’s where we got our grounding with reactive dogs. Oscar Brown (you might see him at the top of the front page) he’s the reason we really got started, Oscar was Dog and Human Reactive. It’s often called Dog and Human Aggressive but that’s really not the case. Reactivity is driven by emotions and they result in a behaviour that can be described as aggressive. It’s important to remember it’s the behaviour that’s being driven by the emotion, how the dog feels. I’m not sure you can describe a dog as feeling aggressive?

Crate Training

We believe Crate Training to be a very important exercise for all dogs.  I’m not suggesting you have to have your dog sleep in the crate every night, but if you say “Time for bed” in our house you’ve got a race on your hands to beat Jeanie Bean into her crate, she loves it!
But think about if your dog should ever suffer an injury that requires bed rest for 4 weeks; what then? Not the best time to start training your dog to use a crate. There’s no time like the present.

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